Do I Live in the Hinkson Creek Watershed?

What is a Watershed?

A watershed is the area of land that drains into a river or lake.  Everyone lives in a watershed.  Most all of the watersheds in Boone County drain into the Missouri River, which is part of Missouri's largest watershed. 

The Hinkson drains roughly 88.5 square miles of land, all in Boone County. Hinkson Creek itself is 26 miles long, originating east of Hallsville and traveling southwest through the city to join Perche Creek in southwest Columbia. Several large tributaries spill into Hinkson Creek within the Columbia area. Grindstone Creek and Hominy Branch originate from the east, Flat Branch and County House Branch drain the interior of Columbia, and Meredith Branch and Mill Creek drain the western portion of Columbia.  (The maps below will expand when touched by the cursor.)

Northern tip




North of I-70  



North and East Columbia



Central and Southwest Columbia


Other Maps

For an interactive mapping tool that allows you to view aerial photos, topographic maps, floodplains, and many more features, click here. (This will direct you to the Center for Applied Research and Environmental Systems website, select 'Columbia' from the list to get you started.)

For a map of the sub watersheds of the Hinkson, click here.

For a map of the hotspot area of concentration for our cost-share program, click here.