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Macro Invertebrate & Water Quality Sampling on

Hinkson Creek

On April 3, 2012, the Department of Natural Resources sampled eight of the 11 historic sites on Hinkson Creek for water quality

parameters and macro invertebrates. No sampling was done below the confluence of the Flat Branch due to the fire fighting surge

two days prior. Therefore, these sites will not be sampled this season.

It appeared that the middle reaches around Recreation Drive, Rock Quarry and Capen park were relatively clear. Good habitat

diversity and interesting critters were found. The areas around Broadway, Walnut and the I-70/63 connecter were quite a bit

different. There was a lot of algae on the rocks, indicating the presence of nutrients or sewer leaks. the streams were wide and

shallow, indicating high flows. Several sites did not have crayfish. At least two illicit discharges were found in this area. The

stream health got better again at Hinkson Creek Road and Rogers Road (above the landfill).


                             Collecting Samples at root wads                                         Dissolved Oxygen sampling at I-70/63 Connector    


             Kick net samples at Rock Quarry Road                                                           Sampling at Rogers Road


                           Samples into jars at Walnut site                                          Extra large cray fish found at the Rock Quarry site